Comprehensive Strategies Report from Dixon Resources Unlimited


Recently, Griffith Park has been inundated by visitors attempting to take selfies in front of the Hollywood Sign and as the LA Times and others have pointed out, “Los Angeles has tried restricting parking, issuing traffic tickets, closing gates, installing blinking “No Access” electric signs and even removing the destination from GPS mapping systems.” Thus far, all ideas have failed so CD 4’s David Ryu commissioned a report from Dixon Resources Unlimited which would address this and other traffic concerns.

The Dixon report was created after two meetings with community members. Friends of Griffith Park’s Response to these proposals can be accessed here. One of the proposals revolves around a gondola that would navigate across the park, (Strategy #3. Supplement the Griffith Park Circulation System with an Aerial Tram pp. 28-30) and ultimately arrive close to the sign so visitors could get their “close up and personal selfie.”

However, the one thing missing from the report… concerns about maintaining the continued health and welfare of Griffith Park seem sorely lacking in what’s supposedly a “comprehensive study” aimed at improving access to the park.


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