Goals: To develop baseline plant and animal species lists for Griffith Park (Phase I), and to create a web-based educational portal and repository of information on the natural environment of Griffith Park and the eastern Santa Monica Mountains (Phase II). GPNHS is presently coordinating and sponsoring ecological research in the park. You can read completed reports about the ecology of Griffith Park from links in the GPNHS “Species info” section.

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The Griffith Park Natural History Survey (GPNHS) is sponsored by many organizations and individuals who support preserving Griffith Park’s Natural Environment. GPNHS is actively supported by The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Franklin Hills Residents Association, Friends of Griffith Park, Los Feliz Improvement Association, Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council, Hollywood United Neighborhood Council, Los Feliz Oaks Homeowners Association, and the Sierra Club. Additionally, GPNHS has received generous donations from interested individuals.

The project is administered by a steering committee consisting of:
Gerry Hans. Vice President, Friends of Griffith Park
George Grace, Board member Emeritus, Franklin Hills Residents Association
Charley Mims, President, The Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations, Inc.
Albert Torres, former Chief Park Ranger, Los Angeles Dept. of Recreation and Parks
The project Coordinator is: Daniel S. Cooper, Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc.

You can support the Griffith Park Natural History Project by sending a check to Friends of Griffith Park (FOGP).

Make checks to Friends of Griffith Park, and write-in “GPNHS” in the “For” section of your check.
Mail to: Mary Button, Treasurer
Friends of Griffith Park
P.O. Box 27573
Los Angeles, CA 90027-0573

Friends of Griffith Park is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your contribution is completely tax deductible. For tax purposes, contributors receive a letter of thanks from FOGP which includes the donation amount.

GPNHS gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following experts who conducted bird and wildlife surveys:

1. Dan Cooper, President, Cooper Ecological Monitoring. GPNHS project coordinator, and scientific advisor, Author, “Important Bird Areas of California”. Graduated Harvard University, 1995; Masters Degree, 1999, U.C. Riverside;
2. Martin Byhower, conducting bird and mammal surveys. President, Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon Society, Teacher, Director, Birding Southern California private guide service.
3. Stephanie Spehar, Ph.D. Anthropology, New York University, NYC. Co-author with Paul Mathewson and Dan Cooper of the GPNHS 2007 Mammal/Herptile Wildlife Monitoring Project available for downloading from the “Other wildlife” section of this website.
4. Paul Mathewson, Masters Candidate in ecological studies, Extensive experience with national and international field studies.
5. Stephanie Remington, Bat Biologist and expert.

GPNHS is grateful for the excellent guidance and support of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks Park Rangers, particularly former Chief Park Ranger Albert Torres, and Park Ranger Anne Waisgerber.


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