The Story of Avery



Avery’s first experiences in Griffith Park came in a stroller rolling along Mulholland from the Griffith Observatory. As a toddler, her favorite afternoon activities were playing on the Bronson Canyon playground or exploring Fern Dell. Since moving to Beachwood about 18 months ago, Avery (now 8 years old) has loved hiking the local trails and frequently leads the hikes, with a confident, energetic zest. When first beginning to hike, she noticed trash and debris discarded by prior hikers. So early on, her pre-hike preparations included an empty trash bag in which she would collect litter as she went, and even now hikes don’t end until the trash bag is full!

When she first learned about Friends of Griffith Park, she felt she’d found kindred spirits and immediately wanted to help the organization. In May, Avery held a one-day lemonade stand and dedicated 100% of the revenue collected to Friends of Griffith Park. With overwhelming warmth and support from LA residents, foreign visitors, and neighbors alike, Avery raised $307 for the Park. Thank you Avery!


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