Volunteer Spotlight on Boy Scouts Troop 10


Even with the current sprinkler system, there are numerous sections of Griffith Park that receive little or no water – which is imperative during the hot summer months when established and newly planted trees often need an extra drink to survive.

Coming to the tree rescue were the Scouts and leaders from Boy Scout Troop 10, sponsored by St. James Episcopal Church in Los Angeles. Since June and throughout the summer months, these Scouts have been solely responsible for watering the trees and shrubs in the upper section of Fern Dell in the Park. Every two to three weeks, usually on Saturday mornings, Scouts filled water buckets from the Park Ranger’s water truck and hauled the heavy buckets to the thirsty plants. Scouts watered plants near the truck with hoses. Friends of Griffith Park provided buckets and hoses for the Scouts and also coordinated with Park Rangers the days and times when the water truck was available.

Overall, this volunteer project has been an outstanding partnership between Troop 10, Park Rangers and Friends of Griffith Park. Before collaborating on this project, the Scouts participated in other volunteer projects in Fern Dell such as picking up trash and mulching trees.

As a thank you, FoGP threw Troop 10 a pizza party to celebrate their hard work and dedication. At the get-together, Laura Howe, Volunteer Coordinator for FoGP, presented the Scouts and troop leaders with a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles. Assistant Volunteer Coordinator Ross Arnold with the FoGP also presented the troop with a Conservation Good Turn certificate from the Greater Los Angeles Area Council (GLAAC), Boy Scouts of America.

FoGP always welcomes Scouts and other organizations that would like to participate in volunteer projects in the Park. Many hands make light work, plus the sense of camaraderie and working toward a common goal is a great way to create bonds among team members of any age!

~Brenda Rees

To learn how you or your group can participate in service projects in Griffith Park, go to friendsofgriffithpark.org/get-involved/volunteer and follow prompts to volunteer. You will be contacted within 48 hours.


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